An example in life

My mother says my father is in the heavens, interceding for me. I do not want him to intercede for me. I want him to be here, by my side. He was the source of all my power and strength. He always used to say to me : "Son, do your best. I will take care of the rest". His words always used to inspire me.

He was an example during life and death. His death was an example because he showed me the best way to live a contented full life. He showed me that the luxuries of this world did not matter. What mattered was to live a simple life. To chase contentment, rather than happiness is the purpose of life. Happiness is only a transition from low to high. Hence chasing happiness is like a dog chasing his tail. It will be go on till the end of your life.

I wish I could live a life like his. I wish I could be half the man he was.


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Joji Antony

What’s up, I’m Joji. I’m a software engineer living in Bengaluru, India. I am a fan of technology, programming, and football.

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