Intellectual Stimulus

UPDATE: I have removed some insensitive words I wrote in anger from this post

Everyday is interesting when you are in CET. There is so much to go around, so much to do. There are all kinds of people here. Some are simple minded, straight and childlike. While some others are sophisticated and intricate. Either way there are a lot of people to provide an intellectual experience here: provide fodder for thought. Other days you may be busy building something or playing around with something.

Today, we had yet another go at the religious sentiments. It all started when we were walking back from Church and had a few words exchanged which carried very sensitive information. Soon the debate turned into something that encompassed a wide range of topics that include female perspective to love, religion and personal affairs to name only few. Some of the ideals that came out are too intricate to be put on words in a single blog post. Perhaps, I will come to that later.

Many people here do not realize what we have here :  an environment to grow into and shape ourselves before our commencement into manhood. As we just discussed, the following few years are going to be fireworks in all our lives. How we live our life of youth ( 21 – say 40 ) is going to define who we are. Half of us do not realize that here.

What would have happened if I were in some other college where there is nothing to drive me on?


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