The Google – Bing Debacle

If you didn’t know already, recently stars are falling from heaven from the war between Google and Bing because Bing copied Google’s search results. The public propoganda from Microsoft has been so full of sh*t that I thought I could point out some of the mistakes that they were making. To think that these people make the Operating Systems that most people use daily scares the living hell out of me!

The biggest crap they spill out is how the process Google used to prove the thing was a “Sting Operation” and describing the process as “Click Fraud” and “Honeypot attacks”.

Mother of God! Hoenypot “attacks”? HONEYPOT ATTACKS?!?! How are honeypot operations ‘attacks’? They just put stuff on to their own servers and and just looked if Bing would copy the crap results. They caught Bing red handed coying the fake results. Damn! Its like Microsoft is saying : “Mommy! Google caught us!! That was soooo BAD from Google’s part”. What are they accusing Google of? Being too smart? I bet Microsoft never thought Google could catch them do it.

Another crap is the phrase “Copying goes both ways”

Before Google there were search engines. But it was Google’s idea to sort the search results in the decreasing order of relevance. When Yahoo! and other companies went with the portal approach, Google said “We will do search. It is a hard enough problem”. Have you ever fantasized how hard the problem of search is? When you enter a search query, the search engine has to search through the 12 billion web pages to find the ones that you are looking for and order them according to relevance, all under 300milliseconds. Google deals with 200 million search queries a second!! So you could say the modern Search Engine itself was Google’s idea. Which would make Bing itself a Google rip  off! Even the “Did you Bing today?” tagline of Bing was Microsoft’s idea of making Bing as a verb and cash in on the brand name like Google. Taking someone’s idea, implementing it and building on its innovation is different from scraping off someone’s search results. Take a look at how Google tries to scale its infrastructure.

Microsoft also claims that what they collect only as “clickstream data”

They are not taking the behavioural pattern of the user. That is not where the value is derived from. Even if the customers supply the results, Bing should not use it, because the search results were produced by Google, not the customers.

Also, Microsft  claims there are 1000 signals that Bing listens to for computing the results page. Clickstream data is only one of them.

I wonder what the other 999 signals are for, if they are just ripping of Google’s results. My close friend put it nicely : “It just goes to show, no matter what Microsoft does, Google is always bettter”.

“Google fears Bing. Bing matters!!”

Yay. Every time Google does something Bing takes it as a compliment. I dont understand how they do it. It must be some sort of talent. Of course, Bing would come eventually to matter if they are ripping of Google’s search results. Google is a fairly good search engine.

The bottom line is that stealing is just stealing. Google is worried because, someone is stealing their search results. That is understandable. If Google falls because of this, everyone would be stuck with Bing, which is how Microsoft usually does stuff. But Bing would have no one to scrape the results from and everyone’s web experience would suffer. Do the folks at Microsoft think they are making the world a better place?

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