Question on Inequality and Is the Word “Good” Good?

A Note On Movements For Equality

I have recently been observing some movements that are garnered towards “equality” and wondering how many of them fails desperately. We have many equal rights movements in the past : feminism, anti-racism etc. While some argue that these movements are successful, I think it is more of a subjective matter. While I agree that some of these movements have made the world a better place increasing the so-called “net statistical happiness” in the world, I really do not see that they could really achieve the potential they should have given the time span they have been active. For example, we have had a century of open feminist movement, centuries of anti-racist movement and yet the condition of Blacks and Women continue to be below Whites and Men. Is this an anatomical difference? Are Whites or Men born superior to Blacks or Women. While this discussion is more aptly left to scientists, I would like to point out an important flaw in most fights that were organized against inequalities : The Evil of distinction.

Inequality thrives on the presence of distinction. When we distinguish the sexes in gender-equality battles it is already lost.When we single out blacks for emancipation we are making a wrong step.  Sure, we may make some progress along the line, but after a while the progress will eventually be curtailed. I would like to point out an example from the book Freakanomics. The racial discrimination had made the Blacks distinguish themselves from the whites. Even the “Black Names” are different from “White names” (Jamal, Janice etc).  It makes a point of introducing educational innovations to the Black Community. After an initial interest in education by Black students, their performance started to drop at higher grades. The reason was that the Black Community saw that students with better Reading Skills etc are more “White Like” and considered them outcasts. To blend in the black students started to flunk school.

Now this is a delicate issue. Some might say that the peers must be encouraged to embrace the good aspects of any community. But this is no trivial matter, as influencing group behaviour is extremely difficult. My thought is that whenever possible, different minded people should focus on different aspects of life that interests them. For example, I have seen many women have no “inherent interest in the machine”. I have never seen a woman look at a cool piece of code and go “Wow!!”. Women are clearly not suited to jobs like Engineering etc. But there are other fields out there where they could excel. But when the distinction is not possible, I think the better approach would be to make the distinction disappear and focus on the aspect of equality more.

On the Word Good

This section is going to be extremely difficult to write, because of the nature of the material itself is confusing. But I shall give it a go.

The word “Good” has two meanings :

  • Opposite of Evil or morally right   ( Lets refer this as Good)
  • To be desired or approved of (Lets refer to this as Good )

Just look at it. Is this an accident that  a common-place  word has such unrelated meanings? I don’t think so. The creators of the English language designed it as a perfect brain-wash. By making the two words equivalent for “Morally Right” and “Desirable” they are effectively forcing any native-English speaker to think that being Good is Good.

“Imagine how good it would be to have a nice car”

“That’s a Good Boy”

“If I am Good, maybe I will have a Good Wife too”

I can just see the thought patterns forming. How brilliant.

I wonder why other language designers didn’t have this ingenious idea.


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