Common elements in Religion

I have been doing some thinking recently on the major religions.

I find some commonalities with most of them.

The following are some of them. I mean this as a mere thought excersice and not as an attempt to offend anyone.

The religions under consideration are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewism and Budhism.

1. Prophets

Every said religion teaches that there were a set of awesome people who did some awesome stuff.

For Budhism they are called “Buddha“s (Gauthama Buddha being the one who gave birth to ‘Budhism’, but he would be by no means be the last).

For Christianity, Jewism, Islam and Islam they are called ‘Prophets’.

2. Second coming

Every religion requires people to look forward to something.

For Jewism it is the coming of promised ‘Messiah’.

For Christianity and Islam it is the second coming of Jesus.

For Hinduism it is the tenth Avatar of Vishnu : ‘Kalki’.

Unfortunately, I do not know about Budhism.

3. Why you are screwed if you believe in the currently trendy religion.

When Jewism came into being, the dominant religion was paganism.

Hence Jews preached that anyone attributing Godly attributes to inanimate objects are screwed. Salvation rests with those who convert to Jewism.

When Christianity came into being, Jewism was the trendy religion.

They preached that the only name given under the Sun for salvation was ‘Jesus’. Hence everyone who does not believe in Christianity is screwed.

When Islam came into being, the trendy religion was Christianity.

Hence they preached that everyone who attribute Godly powers to human beings (Jesus) are screwed. Hence only way to salvation was convert to Islam.

No subsitute for Hinduism and Budhism.


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Joji Antony

What’s up, I’m Joji. I’m a software engineer living in Bengaluru, India. I am a fan of technology, programming, and football.

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