Why a matrix like war with machines may be a good thing in the future

Lets start with a disclaimer :

  1. This is an opinion piece
  2. This is written to look sensational intentionally
  3. I am going to look very ruthless, dismissing possibly millions of human lives lost in favor of The Greater Good ™   😦

I will not bury the lead, the reason I feel it could potentially be a good thing is because it may get rid of tribalism. Today we have all the technology that we need to feed, cloth, shelter and provide healthcare for everyone in the world. The problem is that a few individuals have access to all these things and others are left out by virtue of group conflict between western civilization and eastern civilization, people of different counties, religions etc. The best way to solve the problem is to force everyone to work towards a common cause ( Robber’s cave experiment ).

There is nothing better to unite two groups than a perceived common enemy. One way to have a common enemy is if one day say all the chimpanzees in the world suddenly became as intelligent as human beings and they start building chimpanzee nations in Africa. After a while, they start military campaigns against human nations. But the result of such a unification would probably be useless to improve the state of affairs since if chimpanzees are able to feel such complex emotions as human beings then killing one of them would be just as bad as killing a human being. I am assuming that machines have no emotions and therefore there are no moral problems with destroying a machine.

Now another thing to note here is that I mentioned the war should take place some time in the future. This is because with the advent of nuclear weapons it would be impossible to sustain a global war on a single planet. In the course of this war entire planets would probably get nuked out of existence.

Two things should hopefully happen once the war is over and human beings have won :

  1. We are entitled to all the technology that humans and machines have built over war time which can be used for civilian stuff ( think of the advances in technology brought forth by the two world wars ).
  2. People realize that all human beings are equally capable of the same great things and the same terrible things as each other.

After the war, hopefully if there are people dying of hunger in Somalia ( if it still exists ) money would just come from Saudi Arabia to feed them and the united human movement would probably save more human lives than the ones lost in the war. I know that is a horrendous thing to say, but how we feel is ultimately irrelevant when it comes to whether something was a positive thing or not.


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Joji Antony

What’s up, I’m Joji. I’m a software engineer at Nutanix living in Bengaluru, India. I am a fan of technology, programming, and football.

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