A tribute to my father

 How can you describe the death of a loved one?

Few days ago my father passed away. The feeling cannot be expressed in words. One word aptly describes it : pain. Sheer and excruciating pain. The moment you think about what he has done and the knowledge that he is not going to do all those little things he used to do for you, you feel that feeling of loss. When you realize that his support and care has gone away, you feel that loneliness, that insecurity.

I can say with confidence that my father was an honest man. He was a good person and cared deeply about his family. He lived his life entirely for his family. He never used to watch a television or have any entertainment for himself. He was a simple man who could never comprehend any high philosophy or ideals. His world revolved around simple concepts like the prices of everyday  things and how to make two ends meet. When I had his support, I was able to think complex thoughts and do extra – ordinary things. Now, I am completely at loss.

If I describe everything he did for me, this page would not suffice. He was juggling five things simultaneously and still never asked for anything. He never complained about anything. He was always willing to take everything upon his shoulder and let us do whatever we wanted.

I could never have repaid him for what he did for me, and he never gave me a chance. I can only say one thing to my father : I love you. I have always loved you more than any other man on earth.


Finally, Livejournal

Livejournal seems to be exactly what I was looking for. In reality, I didn’t know what I was looking for exactly until I saw Livejournal. I can’t sum up the enregy to write up large blog posts centered around some vague idea. God knows I do enough of that in exams.What I want is to send quick blogs to a server online where I can send my thoughts in short snippets and it will stay there, for all the world to see.

Yeah, I like the idea.

Marriage and Atheism

Why do some people find it very difficult to believe in God but find no problem in believing in stuff like marriage? Marriage should be the longest running con in the world. Is it because believing that marriage doesn’t exist means there is no point living now, or because for so many people emotions are more important than their intelligence? For so many people these are the same reasons for believing in God. Yet the ones who horrendously allege Faith to be a tomfoolery has no problem in believing in love.

I was recently called "lacking human values" for expressing these concerns. What I can’t understand is what my opinions about marriage has to do with my human values at all?